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New Product:  Avocado Cucumber Facial Soap Bar, in Goat Milk!  You will love the wonderful Light Pear scent, and Tea Tree Oil Properties.  Enjoy exfoliating effects, with crushed dried mint leaves, throughout!

The Magdalene Project

The Fuller's Field Collection is the Official Line of Products for The Magdalene Project!

For more on how you can Join and Partner with the Film, Book/Study-Guide and even more
story-line Products in Development, Visit us at www.MaryMagdalene.Film

Fuller's Field Soaps and Creations by Sandra (c) 2016-2018 NLMoH and Sandra Cerda, All Rights Reserved.  No part, whether in image, name, design or other intellectual property may be duplicated in any way or manner without the express written permission of the copyright owner.